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The Body-Based Breakthrough Journal: Wisdom … From Within.

Creating Your Best Life With Body-based Breakthrough

Get back into sync with your internal metronome, physiological rhythms, and natural cycles with Body-Based Breakthrough.

The B3 Practice–and journal–is built on the scientific evidence that breakthroughs occur beneath the conscious level and can only be achieved when the Body and Mind are connected. 

Once connected, you’ll be able to explore your interior vistas, engage in wandering narratives, and unearth inner sources of inspiration that are in tune with your personal goals and unique desires, and aimed at helping you create your best life.

Short-term Breakthrough Benefits:

Long-term Breakthrough Benefits:

The Ultimate Benefit

The ultimate benefit is creating full alignment of your mind, body and actions, so you can experience the truest, best version of your life. And it all starts with the body. As it begins to get what it needs, the it connects with and supports the mind, producing such results as:

Rewards Beyond Breakthroughs

A consistent practice will lead to rewards even beyond breakthroughs. Over time, you’ll start to notice less “drag” and more energy in your day-to-day experience. This is because you’re living in a way that is true to who you are and what you want.

In fact, with every session, you’ll trust yourself more, because all actions you take based on your breakthroughs will be aligned actions, which lead to better outcomes. As your mind, body, and actions become more and more aligned, you’ll become:

Making Body-Based Breakthrough a part of your regular routine will help you shape your future from the foundation of your body’s wisdom–the true source for everything you need to live a healthy and authentic life.


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